About Us

Hey there!

We’re Daniel and Rachel and we recently moved to Cancun, Mexico!

We sold most of our belongings, our house, and bought one way tickets to Mexico.

This all started over a year ago when we realized we weren’t feeling very fulfilled by our lives in Denver, Colorado. We were constantly rushing around, commuting, working in windowless offices, just waiting for the weekend to enjoy ourselves—which would ultimately pass by all too quickly to the start of a new week and the same routine over and over again.

We asked ourselves, “what was the point of this?” To work away our lives in order to retire some day and then start doing what we love? Is this what we really want?

Well, this is what society expects.

But what if there was an alternative?

What if you could do what you loved everyday, explore your passions—be a weekday warrior?

Well that is exactly what we decided to pursue. If you want to read more about how we came to live in Mexico, you can read our first post here.

We hope to inspire others to do the same, to live each day to the fullest, and embrace another way of life—a better way of life.